What is customer-focused communication?

“When we’re Customers, we know what we want and how we want It. When we’re sellers we want to sell, And we don’t take Fully into Mind our customer’s desires, Concerns, and questions when we talk with them.”

Help To Grow Talk Method
Customer-Focused Communication

In all customer-oriented roles – sales, marketing, and others – it’s easy to lose sight of prioritizing the customer’s top-of-mind challenges.

Why are they coming to you?
What is the problem they are trying to solve?
What else have they tried to do to solve the problem?
How has that worked out for them?
What questions do they have?

A 3-Step Approach That Facilitates You To Have Effective Customer-Focused Conversations And Grow Revenue.

Step 1

Customer Talk

Step 1: Customer Talk

Find out how your customer’s truly think about what you sell and how they experience the buying process. Desiree uses a proven method involving a phone conversation with your customer based on open-ended questions. By talking to around 5 to 7 customer’s clear patterns already emerge.

A Customer Truth Report that you can discuss with your team.

Step 2

Team Talk

Step 2: Team Talk

Get together with your team for a day or two to discuss the customer truth report. Determine how you can better align with your customers’ mindset – desires, concerns, and questions – to help them truly understand what you sell, and make buying from you a seamless experience.

A Customer-Centric Conversation & Revenue Growth Strategy Plan.

Step 3

Implementation Talk

Step 3: Implementation Talk

Bring into practice the agreed strategy to have better customer conversations for revenue growth. And, establish with your team a system of continuous feedback for every step along the way to stay on track and make adjustments as needed for the best possible outcomes.

Getting Better and Better in Customer-Centric Conversations for Revenue Growth.

Services To Help You Grow

Writing & Content

We Create content that makes it easy for Your customers to Talk with you.

Help To Grow Talk Method

The help to Grow Talk Method is based on first-hand Customer Buying and Selling Insights that Facilitate You To have Effective Customer-Centric Conversations And Grow Revenue.


A podcast is one of the most popular content forms to create talks that solve your customer’s top-of-mind challenges.

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